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43399 Locke Kingdom➻4369 Locke Kingdom

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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of 43399 Locke Kingdom, which will also explain the 4369 Locke Kingdom. If you can solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site. Let's get started now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to beat the ding-ding demon in the 43399 Locke Kingdom Ice Elf King 2. How to fight the 43399 Locke Kingdom Xia 3. Why the life flame will not die in the 43399 Locke Kingdom Gas? When the sting demon enemy is close to 500 blood, it will increase blood wildly, and it cannot be hit at this time. Note that when the enemy has less than 500 blood, it will hit you with 2000 blood without flying, so you should also add blood when the opponent is lying down or adding blood. Ice Leap Slash is used for Devil Ding to get down or recover blood. When the devil sting puts the protective shield, use tear. If the devil sting takes off, you must use the protective shield for one round, otherwise you will die. Follow this mode until the devil's sting blood is about 600. Remember that the blood of the devil's sting is controlled at around 600. When we start fighting, we have to hit him as hard as possible. If it gains blood, you can use ice leap to beat it, so that it will lose more blood. First capture the six pets next to him, and then help him fight the ding ding demon. Then fight with him again, one spirit every day, 5 spirits in total. The first four are easy to fight, and the fifth spirit needs to fight the Ice Dragon King. First use the Curse of Darkness of the Frozen Wraith N times [more than 5 times], knowing that the ice dragon has killed him. How to play in 43399 Rock Kingdom Xia: Just bring an elk around level 38-40, HP must exceed 120, and bring the skills of earth forgiveness and ice and snow. First of all, in a world of ice and snow, the first move of the ancient dragon king Xia Nai must be the roar of the dragon's teeth, with a fixed damage of 120, just hold on for the first round. Tools/Materials Desktop: win10*64bit: Game: Locke Kingdom Method/Step 1 Start a cubic man to lower the boss's magic resistance to level 6, Qinglong uses the Dragon Roar to increase the magic attack, and hit the boss blood to about 3500 (boss total blood 60% of the quantity), the closer the better. Rock Kingdom Dragon King Xia Nai's style of play: Carry two pets, Phantom Overlord and Snow Baby, first use Phantom Overlord, use Ice Summoning, can knock down 180 blood of Dragon King, and then use any trick to knock down about 400 blood of Dragon King; then change Snow baby, hit the Dragon King with hail, and then use the shield technique infinitely until the Dragon King dies. Method 1: Snow Shadow Play Because the ancient Dragon King Shana is of the dragon type and is restrained by ice-type skills, so this time I introduce the Snow Shadow Doll to challenge Shana. Of course, the more advanced the Snow Shadow Doll, the better. 120 blood fixed attack 3 times is better. 43399 Locke Kingdom Gas Ding why the flame of life will not die 1. The speed of Gas Ding is the fastest in the Locke Kingdom. The rounds of hypnosis are between 2 and 9, but if you hit the opponent once, the opponent will wake up immediately. 2. Of course, you can't kill him in one shot, so we use the self-destruction 250 power that cannot be ignored, and it will return with it. Then you make another gas, if it doesn't have gas, you will strengthen and destroy the team. 3. It is valid for the boss in the big challenge, but not for npc pets. (npc refers to non-player pets) For example, Parthas in William Castle, the ancient dragon king Xia Nai. 4. The flame of life is a suicide move with 100% hypnotic effect. Currently, Mao Lanlan, Little Cerberus and Tears can use it. "Rocke Kingdom" is a web game published and operated by Tencent Game Rubik's Cube Studio Group. It was officially tested on July 15, 2010. 5. Not counting rounds, it is equivalent to one more round of hypnosis. Now use it to practice pets. If you die, replace it with the pet you want to practice, and then replace it with a full-level Black Rock to blast and kill monsters. All experience will be obtained by the pet that only needs to practice. Gas series pets and scarabs, little Cerberus will have this skill. This is the end of the introduction of 43399 Locke Kingdom and 4369 Locke Kingdom. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

43399 Locke Kingdom➻4369 Locke Kingdom


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