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PSP Tekken ➻ PSP Tekken 6 imitation 7iso

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This article will tell you about PSP Tekken and the knowledge points corresponding to psp Tekken 6 imitation 7iso. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. The meaning of the interface options of the PSP version of Tekken 6? 2. How to use the move that PSP Tekken 6 spins on the ground? 3. Can PSP Tekken 5 not be played by two people? What is the meaning of the Tekken 6 interface options? 1. The meaning of the menu is as follows, you can refer to it. 1: ARCADE BATTLE arcade mode, STORY BATTLE story mode, GHOST BATTLE mirror battle, CHALLENGE BATTLE challenge mode. 2. It is not realistic to translate all the options. It seems that some people have deleted it a long time ago. Hehe, I am one of them. Here's a little cheat for you, maybe you don't even know it. 3. The mode you mentioned that the player chooses the computer character can only be in the practice mode, and the player who changes the costume of Player2 can choose it. Tekken on PSP has 2 costumes for each character, you only need to press the square or triangle key of the small P to get the costume of PLAYER1, press X and the circle to get the costume of PLAYER2. 4. The story mode STORY BATTLE (this mode can only use the character's default clothing after entering this mode) seems to be four levels. After playing, you can watch the character's ending movie. Mirror war GHOST BATTLE Here, mirroring means that the information of virtual characters created by others is transmitted to your machine as an opponent. Fight non-stop. 5. HEAD FACE UPPER BODY upper body clothing LOWER BODY lower body clothing psp version can not be vindictive after changing clothes OTHER small accessories EFFECT strike effect RAGE rage AURA vindictive HAIR COSTUME COLOR change clothing color DEFAULT reset idle and nothing can change Paul to Ken, Change Arisa to Hatsune. . 6. It means "the joystick returns to the middle", so that the arrow keys return to their natural position, which is the middle. PSP Tekken 6-18 is spinning on the ground, how to use that trick, and another trick is to jump up and press the right leg continuously, and press the right leg repeatedly before landing, which is also spinning on the ground. The attack judgment is middle, lower, lower, middle. How to deal with it: Stand to defend the first move and immediately squat down to defend. After defending the second move, 18 will automatically stop the follow-up moves. It is only available in 18 Transformation TT2, but not in 6BR (you can only buy props and sunglasses to put a laser). 1 left punch 2 right punch 3 left kick 4 right kick TT2 18 ↖ 1+2 transformation, enter it again and you can change back at any time. ↘1, 2 becomes the mid-stage two-hit floating technique. Leakage is indeed stable. 1+2 upper laser, no headaches after finishing. Give you a basic set, Fengshen floats the opponent (you can also use other moves to float in the air), front-front left hand, front-front left hand, front-front left hand, back-slanted right hand (jumping the ground), front-forward and front-slant left foot. Right hand. Both hands. To practice Dianfeng, you can directly follow Fengshen Quan, left hand, ground jumping, and Fengshen right foot. PSP Tekken 5 can not double? Click to enter the Tekken game to play, the game interface will display the connected controller 1. Then exit the game interface and click the Internet logo. Click to check the first row with the Internet connection option. Can. This game is a PSP fighting game transplanted from the arcade version of "Tekken Dark Resurrection". In addition to the series of classic fighting and plot modes included in the game, the newly added "TEKKEN BOWLING" mode is also very interesting. It is a bonus A casual game. Choose the option that starts with A, it should be the second one, press start at 2P after entering. The 5th generation seems to use the story mode to clear the customs to brush the characters, or the characters will not be complete? The 5th generation Steve is a bug. How to use the big move in the psp version of "Tekken 6"? Grab the opponent's head and attack: When close to you, press forward and squat with both fists and four buttons together. Linked legs: press the right and left feet continuously. Backward kick with both legs: press forward and hold, press both legs buttons at the same time; or press jump button and right leg button at the same time to make it. These are all Bruce Lee's moves in "Tekken 6". 2. Left fist, 2 is right fist, 3 is left foot, 4 is right foot F front, B back, D down, U up, N rocker back to center, 1+2 means 1 and 2 press CD together is Fengshen Steps are F, N, D, DF; QCF is the first quarter of a circle, and QCB is the last quarter of a circle. 3. Pick up your PSP, the four groups of circles in the move table represent your four keys (triangle, square, circle, fork). 4. Take your time, there are 40 characters in Tekken 6, and I can't translate them all into Chinese for you, and I can't write them down. . For psp Iron Fist, there are 7 sets of floating chains at the end of each character’s move table in psp, but there are no instructions displayed. If you are familiar with all the moves in front of this character, you will know how to connect . This is the end of the introduction of psp iron fist. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about psp iron fist 6 imitation 7iso and psp iron fist, don't forget to search on this site.

PSP Tekken ➻ PSP Tekken 6 imitation 7iso


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