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PhoenixMiles official website ➢ PhoenixMiles official website app download

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List of contents in this article: 1. Air ChinaMiles card. Reclaim mileage on Star Alliance international flights. It is necessary to obtain ticket information and boarding... 2. What is the use of Air China Phoenix Miles membership and what is the difference from Air China ordinary members? 3. How to apply for an Air China member Air China Miles card. Reclaim mileage on Star Alliance international flights. It is necessary to obtain ticket information and boarding... 1. There is only an electronic ticket itinerary, and no boarding pass can be re-registered. When buying tickets and checking in, report your Zhiyin card number, and after boarding the flight, you can make online mileage claim through Air China's customer service phone or email. 2. You can log on to the official website of Air China to apply for supplementary registration. Open the official website of Air China, click Phoenix Miles; click [Please Login]; enter the Miles card number and password on the [Member Login] page, click [Login] and click [Reclaim Miles] on the [My Account] page. 3. Yes, if your air ticket discount is too low, you will not accumulate Air China mileage. But if you are a regular ticket, it may be that there is a problem with the computer at that time. Reclaiming mileage requires a boarding pass, which is your only certificate for flying. 4. You go to the official website of Air China, then enter the page of Air China Miles, enter the account number, enter your page, then click on the flight mileage credit, select other airlines, enter the flight number of United Airlines, and submit. Because it is a partner airline, it will take a few working days to process it. What are the benefits of being an Air China Phoenix Miles member, and what are the differences between them and ordinary Air China members? The treatment corresponding to the platinum card includes enjoying the lounge and the like. 2. Members holding ordinary cards can be upgraded to VIP members if they reach a certain level of flight status within 12 consecutive months. Lifetime Platinum, Platinum, and Gold members automatically become Star Alliance Gold members, and Silver members automatically become Star Alliance Silver members. 3. The main advantage is that it cooperates with Air China. Once the card is issued, the information will also enter the Air China system. If you become an Air China member, there will be an Air China membership number on the card. When buying air tickets, enjoy membership treatment. Furthermore, you can use the Platinum Card points to redeem Air China flight miles. The disadvantage is that only members who register on Air China's official website can enjoy preferential activities. 4. It can be upgraded from an ordinary card to a silver card. Bonus mileage PhoenixMiles official website: In addition to accumulating flight mileage, you can also get extra mileage rewards according to the actual class of ticket purchased. This mileage will be entered into the account as non-tiered mileage. For example, the extra mileage reward for silver cards is 25%. Gold card is 30%. How to apply for VIP membership of Air China member airlines is as follows: PhoenixMiles official website: You can directly register on the PhoenixMiles official website on the official website, fill in the information on the PhoenixMiles official website, and then call the customer service of China Eastern Airlines to request the delivery of the real card. The service counter of China Eastern Airlines in each airport can be processed immediately. . The applicant is over 18 years old, has full capacity for civil conduct, and can provide valid ID card information. The applicant has a stable job and income, and is an individual with a legal and stable source of income and good credit. Age requirements PhoenixMiles official website: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID card. Airline mileage requirements: Applicants must have accumulated 25,000 kilometers of flight or 30 cumulative flights in the past 12 months. a) Customer account, and can provide a valid Platinum membership application form. If you do not meet this condition, you cannot apply for an Air China Platinum Card membership. In addition, Air China Miles also set up lifelong platinum card members, the condition of which is to fly 1 million kilometers.

PhoenixMiles official website ➢ PhoenixMiles official website app download


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